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The State of Georgia created a website dedicated to inform individuals about touring or traveling to their state. The site is segmented into these five categories that let the user navigate information more easily:

  • Traffic:  Atlanta has been coined "The Hub of the South," and as a result of their growth over the past fifty years they have developed serious traffic problems. This link aids the user in finding information about accidents, traffic jams, and the overall conditions of traffic in the Atlanta Metro area.
  • Visitor Information: This is the most inclusive and interactive section of the five. It includes fifteen sub-categories of information that can pinpoint the user's information needs. Restaurants, museums, camping, and everything service or entertainment can be found in this section.
  • Weather: The weather plays an important role in determining what activities you are allowed to accomplish when you are traveling. Various links including those of USA Today, the Weather Channel, and the National Weather Service give users an up-to-date glimpse of the current weather and five day forecast for any area in the State of Georgia. Users also have access to skiing conditions across the U.S. as well as seismic data throughout planet Earth.
  • Flight Information: Hartsfield -Jackson, the world's busiest airport, is located in Atlanta. Complete lists of all the departing and arriving flights are located here.
  • Directions: Maps making any long distance traveling easier. Here you will find street directions for all the major cities in the State of Georgia.

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