Georgia Government Services

Business, Labor & Employment

The state of Georgia websites offers services ranging from finding a job to locating the proper forms for filing your business taxes. Business owners, both future and current, can come here to gather information regarding corporate records, loans, procurement, and the various costs associated with operating any business.  If tax season scares you, you can come here to find answers to frequently asked tax questions and gain valuable vendor information. Even information on proper business licensing can be located here.

Education & Training

Every educational institute found in Georgia is located here. They provide a list of links dedicated to the history of education in Georgia, accolades received by distinguished educators, home schooling Q&A, various scholarships and internship programs, and even what days a school will have off for.

Family & Health

The government for the State of Georgia believes that family and health services are important. That is why they have encompassed information that helps anyone learn about health services for their loved ones, foster care or adoption services, and even accessing important records such as marriage or death certificates. Health Care services such as Medicaid and PeachCare are offered to every family in Georgia as well. The state of Georgia also provides services for neglected or disabled elderly adults and ways for families to cope with the financial costs of child care.

Information regarding housing is also located here. Whether you are looking for new home ownership, renting assistance, housing development or even homelessness & special needs, they can help you.


Information on state, local and federal government is found here. They also allow you to register to vote, get more involved as a citizen by finding your government services or searching through the database of state laws.

Legal, Public & Consumer Affairs

Here you are provided with the resources, tips and assistance to protect both you and your family. Consumer protection, courts & corrections, victim's assistance, home & environment safety, law enforcement, military and family services are all covered here.

Science & Technology

Learning about new science and technology in Georgia can benefit you, your family and your business. They discuss Georgia's new Clean Air Campaign and new innovative technologies that are being developed by Georgia Tech and other Innovational Institutes.

Tourism, Recreation & the Arts

Navigate through Georgia using detailed maps that include places to shop, eat and vacation. You can even register for various sporting licenses or use the Georgia 511 service for free up-to-date travel information.


Any information regarding traveling can be found here. Whether it is in the air or on the ground you can learn about construction delays, traffic patterns, renewing your driver's license, automobile tags or even how to get the public transportation schedule. This information can help you save time on your commute and leave cash in your wallet.

Regions, Countries & Cities

Here you can locate any weather or municipal government information regarding every region, county and city in the state of Georgia.

Online Services

Agencies provide you with detailed list of online services that allow you to save gas and time by just clicking on their link. The online services available are all related to the previous nine categories listed above.

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