Board of Workers' Compensation

The State Board of Workers' Compensation (SBWC) was established in 1920 by the Georgia Legislature and serves over a quarter of a million employers in the state. Funded by both insurance companies and self-insured employers, the SBWC seeks to ease the financial burdens of those employees who are injured on the job and can no longer work. Federal government employees, railroad employees, and domestic servants are some of the categories of workers who are exempt from the SBWC.

Mr. Stan Carter currently serves as the Executive Director of the SBWC. He is responsible for the proper administration of policies and procedures as well as the overall efficiency of the SBWC.

State Board of Workers' Compensation Services

Prior to the ratification of the Workers' Compensation Act, any employee injured while working would not receive any benefits from their employer. Trials were often lengthy and expensive and courts frequently ruled that employees assumed all the risk while performing any task. The SBWC allows for specific benefits to be paid to those employees that received any injuries during the course of their employment with no regard to negligence or fault. Contested claims are brought to the attention of an Administrative Law Judge for a hearing or a review by the Appellate Division.

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