The Governor's Office of Student Achievement

The Georgia Governor's Office of Student Achievement was established in 2003 by Governor Sonny Perdue to improve the academic performance of students in Georgia. Its previous incarnation, the Office of Educational Accountability, was created by the A Plus Education Reform Act of 2000.

The Office of Student Achievement aims to accurately assess the state of education in Georgia from Pre-K to the university level. It publishes a summary of its findings in the form of an education scoreboard that compares education statistics in Georgia to other schools in the Southeastern United States as well as the nation as a whole.

The Office of Student Achievement also runs the Governor's Cup Challenge, which is sponsored by AT&T. The aim of the challenge is to raise average SAT scores in Georgia. The Governor's Cup Challenge compares 3-year average gains in the SAT scores of competing high schools. Five winning schools are awarded a $2,000 grant for SAT materials as well as the prestigious Governor's Cup. 35 regional winners receive a $1,000 grant and a commendatory trophy.

Although the Office of Student Achievement is under the purview of the Governor's Office, it works closely with all of the educational agencies in the state of Georgia. The office's executive director is Kathleen Mathers, who has held the position since November, 2008.

Office of Student Achievement Branches

The Office of Student Achievement is composed of three different branches that work together to increasing school completion rates and student achievement. Those three branches are:

  • Research and Data Analysis - This branch of the office gathers statistics on student achievement, graduation rates, and other indicators of educational accomplishment. This data is used by state departments to measure the effectiveness of educational programs and to inform the creation of educational policy.
  • Communications - The communications branch is responsible for reporting the findings of the Office of Student achievement in a straightforward and easily accessible manner.
  • Academic Audits - The academic auditing branch of the Office of Student achievement ensures that schools throughout the state use their funds in a responsible manner and are faithful in reporting their academic statistics.

Contact the Governor's Office of Student Achievement

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