Lt. Governor

The Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Since 2006, the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia has been Casey Cagle, a man who has made history as the first Republican to ever hold that particular position in the Georgian government. During Cagle's time in office he has focused on the Charter Systems Act, an educational reform that allows entire school systems to convert to charter status, and has been instrumental in the development of Georgia's Career Academy Initiative, a partnership between schools and technical colleges designed to provide technical education paths for the state's high school students. He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the One Georgia Authority, Vice Chair of the Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission, and on the Executive Committee of the Republican Lt. Governor's Association.

Cagle was born a seventh generation resident of Georgia in Hall County and raised by a single mother. He attended Johnson High School, Gainesville College, and Georgia Southern University. From there he entered into the business world as the owner of a tuxedo boutique in Gainesville.

Cagle's first foray into the political world came when he was chosen to represent the Gainesville community as a state Senator in 1994. Only 28, Cagle impressed the Senate by establishing himself as a strong lawmaker before the General Assembly. Cagle was instrumental in the lowering of taxes and protecting of private property rights during his 12 years before moving on to the position of Lieutenant Governor.

The Role of the Lieutenant Governor

The second highest elected position in the state's government, the lieutenant governor's position serves as the President of the State Senate and presides over all debate in that chamber, simultaneously overseeing the Committee that determines Senate committee membership. He is also charged with the task of choosing a chairman for each committee.

Lieutenant Governors are also second in command, so if the state's Governor is incapacitated, the Lieutenant Governor takes control as the leader of the state. If the Governor dies or cannot continue his obligations indefinitely, the Lt. Governor assumes his position.

Contacting the Lieutenant Governor

Letters directed to Casey Cagle should be addressed to 240 State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334.
He can also be reached by telephone at (404) 656-5030 and fax at (404) 656-6739.