Georgia Technology Authority

These days there very much exists a need for states to implement working departments that can ensure the state's IT infrastructure is stable, secure, and well-governed. In that vein, Georgia has instituted the Georgia Technology Department (GTA), a working sector of the state's government completely devoted to Georgia's technological advances.

The GTA carries out four major objectives:

  •          Manages the state's IT infrastructure. The GTA has a hand in the state's data center, network, telecommunications services and security.
  •          Writes policies, standards and guidelines for the state's IT side.
  •          Promotes an enterprise - level approach to state IT.
  •          Manages, the state's official website.

Additionally, the GTA is responsible for all technology enterprise management - which means that they provide assistance on managing technology resources for state agencies - and making sure that the state's top technology investments are effectively carrying out their duties.

Future Plans for the GTA

One of the biggest changes to the face of the GTA has been the Georgia Infrastructure Transformation, effectively known as GAIT 2010, in 2007. The effort sought to consolidate IT infrastructure and transfer a number of both telecommunication and infrastructure initiatives to ESPs (external service providers). The restructuring allows for the GTA to take control of their budgeting and finances and set into motion the Service Management Organization, which ensures the quality of the products and services GTA buys from ESPs.

GTA's Mission

Since its inception, GTA's main intention has been to do four things unequivocally well:

  •          Improve agency service delivery through the effective and efficient use of technology
  •          Advance the maturity level of Georgia's IT enterprise
  •          Secure and stabilize Georgia's IT enterprise, thus cutting down on risk
  •          Give Georgians more access to the state's government through technology.