The Georgia State Patrol

The Georgia State Patrol is the state's highway patrol force. It was created in 1937 as a part of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. Georgia State Patrol troopers have jurisdiction throughout the state, except on federal land located inside of Georgia.

This individual in the highest command holds the position of Major in the Georgia State Patrol. This position is currently held by Major Mark McDonough. The patrol presently has around 1,200 employees, 850 of whom are state troopers. In addition to patrolling the highways throughout the state, the Georgia state patrol is responsible for providing security for the Governor's mansion and for providing protection for the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the House.

Troops and Divisions

Troopers who regularly patrol the roads throughout Georgia are split into nine different troops, designated A through I, that are based around 48 different posts. Troop J consists of the Safety Education and Implied Consent units, which oversee motor vehicle safety education and the state's breath-alcohol program respectively. In addition to troops A-J, the Georgia State Patrol has several special divisions:

  • SWAT. The Special Weapons and Tactics team is a skilled group of troopers who have special weapons training that is not usually available to law enforcement agencies. The Crisis Negotiations Team is part of SWAT and attempts to resolve critical situations peacefully through the use of diplomacy and negotiation.
  • SCRT. The Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team examines fatal crash sites in order to gather evidence that may be used in court and to gather statistics that can be used to prevent future accidents. The SCRT occasionally assists with the investigation of major crime scenes throughout the state.
  • CMV-CIU. The Commercial Motor Vehicle - Criminal Interdiction Unit works with federal and state authorities to disrupt any drug trafficking that occurs in Georgia.
  • Aviation. Air support for the Georgia State Patrol is provided by the Aviation unit. The unit has fourteen helicopters at its disposal that it uses to transmit live video feeds to command posts as well as perform search and rescue missions for both missing persons and criminals.
  • Nighthawks. Created in 2004, the Nighthawks DUI Task Force consists of ten officers who are highly trained in enforcing DUI laws. The Nighthawks operate in the Atlanta area during peak DUI hours.
  • Motorcycle Unit. The motorcycle unit patrols the interstate highways in Georgia in an attempt to combat speeding, illegal lane changing, tailgating, and other highway safety violations.

Contact the Georgia Department of Public Safety

Georgia Department of Public Safety

P.O. Box 1456

Atlanta, Georgia 30371-1456


(404) 624-7000

You may dial *GSP on your cell phone to report highway emergencies.

Troop posts:

A complete listing of posts and contact information can be found here:,2096,5635600_7397359,00.html