Governor's Intern Program

The Governor's Intern Program was introduced in 1971 to give valuable workplace experience to Georgia's top students. The intern program provides college students and recent graduates with jobs in a modern office. The interns also learn the ins and outs of state politics and the legislative process. The program is split into two parts: the internship program and the fellowship program.  The internship program is intended for current undergraduate, graduate, and law students. The fellowship program is for recent graduates.

The Internship Program

The Internship Program gives undergraduate and graduate students in Georgia a chance to get involved with the Georgia state government while learning important job skills in a professional environment. Each intern is assigned to a supervisor in one of the participating departments within the Governor's Office and will work with that supervisor throughout the internship. Interns may work between 20 and 40 hours a week and receive an educational stipend for their services. Internships are available during the Spring and Fall semesters and over the summer.

First and second year law students who are interested in working for the Georgia state government may apply to the Governor's Law Intern Program. This program gives enterprising law students the opportunity to begin working on real-world legal issues and to improve their writing and research skills. Law internships are available at the same time as normal internships.

The Fellowship Program

The Governor's Fellowship program is an extension of the Internship Program for recent graduates who reside in Georgia. It provides a way for graduates to gain an inside look into their state's government and serves as a great start for people who are seeking careers in politics or government. Fellows are assigned to a supervisor in one of the departments within the Governor's Office, but will usually work with members from several different departments during their fellowship.

Fellowships last for six months and are full-time positions with an hourly wage. In order to be eligible for a fellowship, you must have graduated with an undergraduate degree or a master's level degree within the last year.

Contact the Governor's Intern Program

Governor's Intern Program
Room 111, State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334


(404) 656-1784