Georgia Council for the Arts


The Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) was officially established in 1986, though it was the predecessor of a number of arts agencies beginning with the Georgia Commission on the Arts in 1965.

The GCA's stated mission is to ensure that the arts are made accessible to all Georgians, which is no small task. To meet this goal the GCA awards grants for arts programming and loans out the State Art Collection. In addition to grants the Georgia Council for the Arts also supports a number of programs that primarily focus on the state's non-profit arts industry.

The Georgia Council for the Arts current executive director is Susan S. Weiner. Mrs. Weiner holds degrees in both Theatre Arts and Education and has been acting as the executive director since her appointment in 2004.


Georgia Council for the Arts Programs and Services

There are two main divisions that manage the GCA's programs and services.

Grassroots Arts Program (GAP) 

The GAP was created to decentralize state provided funds to ensure that every county in Georgia has equal access to funding and programs. Regional GAP partners are in charge of awarding grants their local artists and organizations.

Georgia Artists Initiative (GAI)

The GAI is a collection of services and programs that offer Georgia's artists non-monetary support in addition to grants. Just a few of the GAI's programs and services include the State Art Collection website, numerous registries, the Capitol Gallery Program and the Teaching Artists Bank.


Contact the Georgia Council of the Arts

The Georgia Council of the Arts is located at:

Georgia Public Broadcasting Building

260 14th Street, NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30318-5360

Office hours: 8:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday


GCA direct line: (404) 685-2787      

Statewide (Toll free): 1-800-georgia (1-800-436-7442)

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Email your questions, comments, or suggestions to Susan Carlan at


Send faxes to: (404) 685-2788