Georgia Bureau of Investigation - GBI

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) serves to aid criminal justice and law enforcement officials throughout the state of Georgia with scientific, information and investigative services and resources.

The GBI was originated in 1937 as a branch of the newly formed Department of Public Safety under the title of the Division of Criminal Identification, Detection, Prevention, and Investigation. The name was officially changed to Georgia Bureau of Investigation in 1940.

Before being appointed director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in 2003, Vernon M. Keenan acted as the assistant director. Keenan's career started in 1972 as a police officer and was quickly promoted to GBI Special Agent in 1973 and has been working in the GBI ever since.


Georgia Bureau of Investigation Divisions

The GBI is made up of 3 divisions:

Investigative Division - The Deputy Director for Investigations serves as director for the Investigative Division and its 400 employees. The Investigative Division works closely with regional and local authorities whenever their specialized services are requested to help handle major crimes. These types of crimes include rape, homicide and kidnapping.

Division of Forensic Sciences (DOFS) - The DOFS became the U.S.'s second statewide crime laboratory in 1952. Today DOFS scientists and technicians collect and analyze all physical evidence involved in criminal cases, serving as the scientific branch of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) - The GCIC was established in 1973 to provide Georgia's citizens with criminal justice information services. Their 24/7 information access and management aids criminal justice system officials and agencies across the state.


In addition, the Medical Examiner's Office assists the GBI with forensics services and its Chief Medical Examiner oversees policies and guidelines that all state coroners and medical examiners must adhere to.


Contact the Georgia Bureau of Investigation

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is located at:

3121 Panthersville Road
Decatur, Georgia 30034


To report criminal activity please contact your local authorities. For all other inquiries:

GBI 24 hour Communications Center: (404) 244-2600

GBI Investigative Reports: 404-270-8527

Criminal History Records: 404-244-2639

Sex Offender Registry: 404-270-8465

Georgia Crime Statistics: 404-270-8467 


Statewide (Toll free): 1-800-georgia (1-800-436-7442) 

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.



GBI Investigative Reports - Email requests and questions to 

Criminal History Records - Email requests and questions to 



Send faxes to: (404) 270-8529


* To request an investigation you must contact your local law enforcement agency or district attorney. The GBI, by law, can only respond to investigation requests from these local authorities or the governor of Georgia.