Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution

 The Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution is a policy-making group of judges, lawyers, and non-legal members that are appointed by the Georgia Supreme Court. The Commission on Dispute Resolution is assigned with the task of developing and overseeing court related Alternative Dispute Resolution programs (ADR) in the state of Georgia.

The Commission has created a state-wide system that allows courts at all levels to provide litigants with options for handling their case in lieu of a trial. These ADR programs aid in decreasing the cost and time it takes to resolve disputes - for both litigants and the state.

Georgia's ADR system has resolved more than 178,000 cases since 1997.

Shinji Morokuma is the current Director of the Commission of Dispute Resolution. Edith B. Primm is the commission chairperson and there are 14 additional members on the commission.


Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution ADR Programs

There are 3 Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs that Georgians can utilize. However, there are standards that must be met and rules that must be followed in order to use an ADR to avoid litigation.

Mediation -

Mediation is the process in which a mediator, or "neutral" presides over settlement discussions between two disputing parties. Though the mediator doesn't have the authority to decide the settlement outcome they do facilitate talks to bring the focus of both parties on their interests at hand, not their positions on the matter.  A mediation session may be required, however settlement is not. If settlement isn't reached the parties may still utilize their right to a trial by jury.

Non-binding arbitration -

In arbitration, an arbitrator or a group of arbitrators, also known as a "neutrals", are briefed on the evidence in the case before making a decision. Because the arbitration is non-binding either party can still request a trial by jury within a set period of time. Unlike mediation, arbitration is a form of adjudication.

Case evaluation -

Unlike the other two ADR options, case evaluations involve a lawyer with experience handling subject matter similar to the case at hand. However, these lawyers are still "neutral" in their dealings with both parties. Each party presents their case and evidence to the lawyer who then discusses the legal and factual issues as they see them. Early neutral evaluation is helpful in providing a baseline for settlement talks.


Contact the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution

The Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution is located at:

Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution
244 Washington Street, SW
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30334-5900


GDR direct line: (404) 463-3788

Statewide (Toll free): 1-800-georgia (1-800-436-7442)

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.



To email your questions, comments, or suggestions to the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution fill out this email form or send emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Send faxes to: (404) 463-3790