Georgia Department of Natural Resources


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is charged with the task of protecting and preserving the state's natural resources. The DNR describes natural resources as: all game and non-game species of birds, animals and fish; all plants; all historic, cultural or recreational resources; and the state's water, air and soil.

The department is segmented into 6 divisions which carry out the day to day tasks.

The Board of Natural Resources is a group of 18 appointed citizens that are in charge of setting regulations for issues such as hunting seasons and air and water quality.  This board also makes suggestions for legislative and policy matters relating to Georgia's natural resources.

The Current Chairman of the commission is William A. "Bill" Carruth and the Vice-Chairman is Jenny Lynn Bradley.


Georgia Department of Natural Resources Divisions

The DNR consists of 6 divisions.

Coastal Resources Division (CRD) -

The management of beaches, marine fisheries and marshes in Georgia is handled by the CRD. Their job includes: issuing licenses, managing shellfish harvest areas, administering permit programs, monitoring coastal water quality levels, building ramps and fishing piers, managing recreational and commercial fishery resources, conducting research and they also represent Georgia during regional fishery commission meetings and discussions.

Environmental Protection Division (EPD) -

The EPD acts under both state and federal environmental statutes to protect the state's land, water and air.  They do so by enforcing laws that regulate the operations of facilities related to air and/or water quality, hazardous waste, solid waste management, surface mining and water supply. In addition, the EPD also has the authority to issue state and federal permits.

Historic Preservation Division (HPD) -

The HPD oversee both state and federal programs aimed at preserving Georgia's historic landmarks. These programs include: community planning, grants, National Register of Historic Places, environmental reviews, historic resource surveys and more.

Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Division (PRHSD) -

There are over 60 properties that the PRHSD maintain and manage for the state of Georgia. Their serves are enjoyed annually by more than 11 million people that visit one of Georgia's 63 parks and historic sites.

Sustainability Division -

Unlike other DNR divisions, the Sustainability Division is non-regulatory. Their work consists of offering free assistance to businesses and institutions in how best to manage waste reduction, pollution prevention, general sustainability and energy efficiency.  All Georgia businesses are welcome to join the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia program which offers tools, resources, guidance and acknowledgment of businesses' sustainability efforts.

Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) -

The WRD is in charge of regulating all fishing, hunting and watercraft operation in the state. In addition, the WRD also manages state education programs on how to conserve natural resources and works to protect endangered and non-game animals.


Contact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources headquarters is located at:

Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Commissioner's Office
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S. E., Suite 1252
East Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334


DNR direct line: (404)-656-3500

Statewide (Toll free): 1-800-georgia (1-800-436-7442)

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.



To email your questions, comments, or suggestions to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources fill out this email form.


Send faxes to: (404) 656-0770