The Georgia Nurse Aide Registry List

The Georgia Nurse Aide Registry is a list of all of Nurse Aides who are certified in Georgia. The Georgia Health Partnership maintains the list and its search functionality. The Georgia Health Partnership is a health care administration system that is accessible online and gives consumers, doctors, and providers valuable information about health care in Georgia.

Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide in Georgia

In order to receive certification as a nurse aide in Georgia you must complete a certification course that has been approved by the state. These programs are most often offered at nursing homes, home care agencies, high schools, technical colleges, and private schools. A complete listing of approved programs is available from the Georgia Health Partnership.

Once you have completed the necessary classes and become certified your name will be put on the Georgia Certified Nurse Registry for two years. After that time you must renew your certification. In order to receive a renewal you must have worked as a certified nurse aide for pay for at least eight hours in the last two years. This process must be done every two years.

If you have not worked for pay for at least eight hours you will have to retake the Written/Oral and Skills Certification Examinations at a testing center. If you pass the tests your name will placed on the registry for another two years.

If you are currently registered in another state and are in good standing then you can fill out a reciprocity application from the Georgia Health Partnership website and transfer your certification.

Searching the Georgia Certified Nurse Aide Registry 

The registry that lists all of the certified nurse aides in Georgia is available at the Georgia government site. Anyone may use this registry to verify the certification of active nurse aides in Georgia. Searches can be done using any combination of a certified nurse aide’s last name, first name, middle initial, social security number, or certification number. Inactive nurse aides are not normally listed on the registry. In order to see inactive nurse aides you must be registered with the Georgia Health Partnership website.


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