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Beginning in 1964, the Cox television firm was supplying high quality broadcasts of paid programming. In 1997 Cox implemented their first Digital Cable service within their Orange County network, introducing viewers to clear, high quality picture and sound.

The general trend in the telecommunications world has been one of both concentration of services in some areas and decentralization of different services in others over the last few years. Cox Communications exemplifies this trend perhaps better than most other firms when it comes to the delivery of high speed internet, digital telephone and cable television services.


Cox Advanced TV

 Since their initial entrance into the cable TV market, Cox Communications has managed to make rapid changes in communications technology and deliver cutting edge performance and services to their diverse clientele.

Unlike their competitors, HDTV is available at no extra charge with Cox Communications. Their Interactive Programming Guide will help you navigate the hundreds of channels in a user friendly, so you can find what you're looking for in a stress-free way.

One of the more popular services Cox is typically associated with is On-Demand video. Digital Video Recording devices and services have been available from Cox Communications since the early 2000's, and the On Demand television packages from Cox offer the latest in High Definition picture and audio.


Cox Digital Telephone®

While dedicated land-line phones have competition thanks to the exponential growth and adoption of cellular phone technology and capabilities, the option of making digital phone calls through IP networks isn't going anywhere. Neither are all of the popular calling features that Cox offers with their plans, like call waiting, caller ID and more.

Cox offers a wide array of digital telephone plans for any budget. Consumers can choose from plans like:

  • Cox Digital Telephone Starter
  • Cox Digital Telephone Premier

Cox High Speed Internetsm

With the dawn of the 21st Century, the latest foray for Cox Communications was the introduction of high speed internet service. More and more of our basic telecommunication services are migrating to high speed internet networks.

Cox offers a tiered structure for download speeds and bandwidth, ranging from their Essential Internet Package, all the way up to the Preferred and Premier Internet Packages, offering download speeds at up to 20 Mbps with PowerBoost® technology. These are some of the fastest residential and consumer broadband internet speeds available in the United States at present, and some of the fastest in the world to boot.

Cox Communications has continued to aggressively pursue its goal of providing fast, reliable and effective services in all areas of high-speed telecommunications to its users. In the coming years, they expect to introduce even greater monthly bandwidth caps to cope with the increased demand for data capacity and download speeds.


Cox Bundle Packages

 Cox cable services are already competitively priced, but when you opt for a Cox bundle package you can save even more on your home services. Consumers can bundle digital cable, telephone and high speed internet service together to lower the monthly costs and allow for ease of installation, maintenance and bill management.


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