Georgia Department of Corrections

The Georgia Department of Corrections serves and protects its citizens by properly managing any offenders while maintaining a safe and secure life for the communities of Georgia. There are nearly 15,000 Corrections professionals that oversee more than 55,000 inmates and 140,000 probationers. One in every fifteen Georgians is under a form of correctional supervision and although every year 18,000 inmates complete there sentence, 20,000 more enter the correctional system.

Mr. Brian Owens currently serves as the Commissioner for Georgia's Department of Corrections. Mr. Owens, who was appointed by the Governor, is responsible for managing the administration and the overall operations of the agency. He does this through the Assistant Commissioner and other senior management staff.

Georgia Department of Corrections Public Services

The Department of Corrections for the State of Georgia takes great lengths to assure that their system is one of nation's best and that they can effectively serve the public. They demonstrate this by:


  •          Ensuring public safety
  •          Operating safe and secure facilities
  •          Providing effective community supervision of offenders
  •          Creating opportunities for restoration to offenders
  •          Ensuring the rights of victims
  •          Partnering with public, private, and faith-based organizations
  •          Ensuring the well being of employees and their families


Information regarding every inmate in the State of Georgia and visitation policies are also included as public services.

General Contact Info

Georgia Department of Corrections - HQ
2 MLK Jr. Drive, SE.
1566 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, Georgia 30334


Georgia Department of Corrections and Parole Board's Office of Victim Services
Local: (404) 651-6668
Toll Free: (800) 593-9474
Georgia Department of Corrections - HQ
Local: (404) 656-2809

Inmate Info & Records:

Local: (404) 656-4661


Georgia Department of Corrections - HQ

Fax: (404) 463-6799