Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) works to make the criminal justice system in Georgia more efficient.  This is accomplished by forging partnerships with local and state government agencies as well as non-governmental organizations in order to create results-driven programs, services and activities. The CJCC also serves as the state administrative agency for various state and federal grant programs in addition to the planning, research and evaluation activities that they conduct to better the criminal justice system.

Ms. Molly J.M. Perry currently serves as the Executive Director for the CJCC.

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council - Victim Services

The CJCC operates the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program, a program that uses the proceeds from fines and other federal funds to provide victims of violent crime with financial help. The Victim Services Division of the CJCC educates and informs victims on the criminal justice system and the services that they provide. The Victim Services Division also heads the DUI Victims Memorial Program and the Victim's Unclaimed Restitution Program.

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