Georgia Civil War Commission

Created in 1993 by the Georgia General Assembly, the Georgia Civil War Commission is mandated by the Senate Resolution 21 to perform an array of duties. They aim to achieve the full preservation of all the historic sites included, the buildings, cemeteries, battlefields, and various war structures. Being that the Civil War plays a large role in Georgia's heritage, the state embraces and promotes it via tourist attractions. This preservation and tourism plan provides incentives to local governments and landowners and allows the Commission to accept loans, grants, and other charitable contributions.

Fifteen volunteers that were appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor, and the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives make up the commission. Mr. John Culpepper acts as the current Chair on the board of Georgia Civil War Commission. He has been presiding since April of 2008 and supplanted Mr. Tommy Barber.

Georgia Civil War Commission Brochure 

The Georgia Civil War Commission has created two brochures, the Crossroads of Conflict and Presence of the Past, which outlines every historical site and its associated impact on the war. There are a total of 39 sites that include anything from cemeteries to battlefields and forts. Maps and contact information is also available for any Civil War buff.

Despite limited funding the Georgia Civil War Commission has been able to sponsor and host numerous national conferences and preservation forums. Commission members also serve as speakers at various preservation efforts throughout Georgia.

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