AT&T Internet, TV & Phone Plans

For more than 35 years, AT&T has been a technological leader in the telecommunications industry. Nowadays, AT&T provides high quality phone, digital TV and Internet services that can help people lead better lives. These services are available individually and as part of bundle packages that can be customized to meet an individual's needs and budgets.


AT&T Phone Service

AT&T offers several telephone services that offer a wide variety of phone options, including basic and custom home phone service.

AT&T phone service offers traditional voice mail, all the in demand calling features, unlimited long-distance and local calling plans that can be bought separately or combined into one convenient package. As a result, customers who feel more comfortable using landline phones can still get the phone services that they need at one low price.


AT&T Digital TV Service

AT&T digital TV service offers consumers many ways to watch their favorite programs any time they want to. This provides access to over 140 HD digital-ready TV stations that include sports channels, news channels, special interest channels and much more.

AT&T U-verse® Digital TV features On-Demand video programming, Total Home DVR, the award-winning Multiview channel browser, and exclusive offers on the brand-new U-verse 3D TV.

Total Home DVR allows customers to record up to four shows simultaneously, pause a recorded show in one area of the home, and pick it up instantly in another. AT&T U-verse® Digital TV services ensure you'll never miss out on your favorite shows, exciting sporting events, or talk shows ever again.


AT&T High Speed Internet Service

 AT&T High Speed Internet services include:

  • Fiber Optic Enhanced High Speed Internet
  • On-the-go Access to AT&T's Entire National Wi-fi Network, at No Extra Charge
  • Anti-Virus & Email Protection
  • Waste no time waiting on music and photo downloads

Each of these plans can be customized to meet the unique needs of consumers. As a result, consumers can find just the right plan to meet their needs.

As you can see, AT&T offers many telecommunication and entertainment products that can meet the special needs of its customers.


AT&T U-verse® Bundle Packages

 For customers that are interested in subscribing to all of AT&T's services, the company provides customized bundles to fit the needs of all consumers and save them money at the same time. By signing up for a U-verse bundle package that features high speed internet, digital cable, and phone services you get the best deals possible and the extra benefit of having only one bill to pay each month.

To get three great services at one great price, check out the AT&T U-Verse Triple Pack specials that are currently being offered.


Find the Best AT&T Packages Online and Save

AT&T has an excellent track record of providing reliable, cutting edge communications services to people across the U.S. and the entire world.

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