Georgia Department of Revenue - Alcohol and Tobacco Division

In March 1938, the state of Georgia developed its first Department of Revenue. They set the GDR up to have are seven divisions, one of which is the Alcohol and Tobacco Division. The Alcohol and Tobacco Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue is responsible for collecting business and individual fees and taxes owed to the State of Georgia through laws and regulations controlling the distribution of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and coin-operated machines.


Permits and Licenses

The Alcohol and Tobacco division is additionally responsible for issuing permits and licenses involving tobacco, alcohol, and coin-operated amusement machines. The licenses issued through the website of Alcohol and Tobacco Division's website include:



  • Brewery License
  • BrewPub License
  • Brewers License
  • Consumption on Premises License
  • Distillery License
  • Farm Winery License
  • Foreign Imported License for malt beverage or wine
  • Foreign Producer
  • Importer License
  • Manufacture License
  • Non-Beverage Manufacturer/Importer License
  • Tobacco Distributor License
  • Wholesaler License
  • Wine Special Order Shipping


The applications and requirements are available on the Georgia Department of Revenue website. If there are questions regarding these licenses or any other regulations, call 404-417-4870 or 1-877-423-6711.


Georgia Alcohol and Tobacco Division Enforcing Laws and Regulations

The Alcohol and Tobacco Division is also charged with making sure individuals and businesses comply with the State of Georgia's laws and regulations concerning alcoholic beverages, tobacco, coin operated amusement machines, motor vehicle registration, motor carriers, and motor fuel taxes.

The Enforcement Section of the Alcohol and Tobacco Division is responsible for preventing and stopping illegal possession, importation, production, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages. The division also enforces the laws and regulations pertaining to the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages to persons younger than 21.

The Enforcement Section prevents the sale or transportation of untaxed cigarettes and cigars and investigates the sale and distribution of tobacco products to persons younger than 18.

Two other responsibilities of the Enforcement Section of the Alcohol and Tobacco Division are enforcing the use of only stamped and licensed coin operated amusement machines and investigating anyone unlawfully using non-tax paid motor fuel.


Georgia Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Contact Information

You can contact the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco through email at The Division's phone number is 1-877-423-6711, and the address is 1800 Century Blvd., NE Atlanta, Georgia 30345-3205.

To contact the Director, Howard Tyler, his email is, and his phone number is 404-417-4902.

The Chief of Enforcement if David Dyal and he can be contacted through email at or phone at 404-417-4900.

The Chief of Operations, Scott Self, can be contacted at or phone at 404-417-4900.